The Slux system... not just Li-Fi

  • Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS)

  • Secure and robust signal

  • Low Energy Consumption

  • Use of various light sources (natural too)

  • Long distances


11 Slux's pending-patents

Since 2007 the photochemist and recognized expert in the field of VLC Alessandro Pasquali,  as the Slux's key inventor, has designed and built audio transmission systems using light covering ever greater distances while maintaining the same quality of sound (even up to several kilometers). In 2016 has been done the first long-distance transmission experiment by light, through the English Channel with a single 5mm led for a distance of 35 km.



This is the alternative to traditional radio wave transmission systems such as Bluetooth and WIFI.

The technology is developed in the field of ''Optical Wireless Communications" (OWC) and is based on data transmission using light. Modulating at speeds imperceptible to the human eye, the intensity of a single LED can transmit data. Instead of waves in radio frequency, it uses the spectrum of visible light. Li-Fi uses “Light’ for communication considering the limits of Radio Frequency today:

  • electromagnetic interferences (IoT= Interferences of Things!)

  • overlap and congestion of signals

  • delay of signal

  • limit of data rate

  • potentially harmful to health (see 5G human body risks)

  • susceptibility to tracing and jammering

First generation.

Direct transmission by light.

The obstacles cannot be overcome. Li-Fi must be used in a linear transmission in an unobstructed area, so that the light beam transmitter and receiver are in a substantially direct and unhindered line.

See here other examples... about limits.

Second generation.

Laboratory video: non linear transmission. 

Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS).

Slux has found innovative solutions ahead of the competition to bypass the problem of the required linear and free-of-light field. Not only that, it also expands the possibilities and potential for communication by introducing communication with light invisible to the human eye. In essence, SLUX Li-Fi can go around corners and, if desired, it also works in the dark. As well as profession-quality audio, SLUX technicians are able to transmit packets of digital data without the requirement of linearity.

Third generation. Super visible light wireless.


Wireless by light similar to a Wi-Fi. SLUX signal works around corners and objects. Direct test audio receiver. No post-production manipulation.

Fourth generation. Few photons, that's enough.

The future of communication is here.

Slux’s ability to receive and send information by light through a close door is a visionary - but concrete - scenario for the future of communication.

A chemical, not physical photodetector.

SLUX LIGHT and Copper Coins experiment.

Demo with a chemical light sensor (Photosensor): just copper, water and... Slux light.

SLUX is working on new materials and new ways to detect light signal by photochemical reactions too.

These solutions allow: • flexibility • extremely large size (...we can create the world's biggest Photodiodes) • reproducibility under extreme conditions • biological compatibility.

Developments in technology?

Many innovations but... still confidential info.

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