SMUSIC, sounds of light. By SLUX
SMUSIC - sounds of light. Play with the light!

Is it possible "to listen" to the light?
Can we interact with light through a myriad of sounds and resonances?
Can we “see" a photon with our ears instead of our eyes, naturally, without any digital transformation?

These are some of the questions SMUSIC, from SLUX with TOY design, will answer.


SLUX presents an innovative toy, a popular device for discover the "magic light world" in other respects, not only scientific.
We created Smusic to make a toy and a device that was engaging and magical while developing fine motor skills and musical sensitivity. As Smusic approaches light, it plays a higher note, and vice versa.

This isn't a digital gimmick, it's analogue - what you ear is the real sound of photons being played. We wanted to give children a tool to explore their environment with new eyes, empowering them with a device capable of reacting to different light sources and producing a sound feedback. 


Smusic comes from a new vision of interactive toys in which technology is used to enhance the experience of the real world without being, finally, always in front of a screen.

In developing this item we listened to the different needs people have for toys in today’s world:
- For parents, the need to offer play that is unstructured and at the same time engaging, with simple but effective technology that doesn’t keep the user stuck in front of a screen;
- For educators, the need to develop skills using activities that are fun and socially inclusive;
- For music lovers, the possibility of creating incredible sounds effects but also melodies using a new interaction with the surrounding environment;
- For technolophiles, a technological product with high interactivity.

Let's play the light!

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Please, give me all latest updates about SMUSIC, offers & more!

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