4d audio

Full audio immersion by light. 
Interactive for museums, fairs, installations, theme parks, aquarium, planetarium, live events...


Various sources of light. A Slux headphone: if you come near to the light, the volume expands. Automatic fade in / fade out when you move from a light source to light source.  
Any change or research of channel is necessary: an unique channel by light for all.  

Easy for installation and to use.


SLUX has developed the world premiere of a light-transmitting wireless headset with MIC.
A transmitter emits light, which the wireless headset receives and then transmits sound. 

  1. Pure sound quality Hi-Fi, full bandwidth transmitted

  2. digitisation without any compression

  3. <0.2 ms: no delay (latency) in the headset (bidirectional, for listening and speaking). A decisive advantage in the gaming world, but also important smartphones, PCs, offices, exchanges... and virtual reality too

  4. No electromagnetic interferences with others devices

  5. Electrosmog-free

  6. range: 8 meters

  7. effective frequency range: 20/20.000 Hz 

  8. target of transmission audio samplerate: 64.000 Hz

  9. 30 bit stereo resolution


Stereo loudspeakers

Live stereo signal obtained with a speaker that emits the right signal and the other that emits the left.
No wired connections between right and left speaker. 

Live event venue solutions

1.    wireless solutions by light: no kilometers of wires, no danger to the public 
2.    Hi-Fi and no audio compression 
3.    0.2 ms: no sound delay (latency) 
4.    no electromagnetic interferences with others devices
5.    electrosmog-free
6.    no range limits (thanks to repeaters of signal by light)
7.    surround and multichannel


Solutions on demand too.

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